Sims 2 Alien Baby Contest: Introduction

Hello there, fellow Sim genetics enthusiasts!

The Curious brothers: Lazlo, Pascal and Vidcund

Pascal: It’s us, the Curious brothers – SimNation’s foremost family of scientists and alien fathers, here to present our latest experiment.

Vidcund: We’ll take you through the premise, the process and the prizes – take it away Lazlo

Lazlo: Right, ok. So I guess I’ve had some more time on my hands* this past year… which is totally fine, because it’s given me the chance to come up with lots of new experiments! Including this one: the Alien Baby Contest

As you probably know, we Curiouses have been alien parents for quite some time. Over the years we’ve done a lot of research into the pollination of Sim males, and one thing comes up time and time again: those alien kids are UGLY 😮

Pascal: Lazlo, that’s a bit rude. How will your daughter feel if she hears that?

Lazlo: No, wait, I didn’t mean it like that! Our kids look perfectly normal, but just take a look at this:

Tarek Lari's twins, Rabi and Rais, are beautiful on the inside, we promise...

It seems that, like in the case of our associate here, the mixing of Sim and alien genetics can create some highly ‘unconventional‘ looking hybrids.

Vidcund: It is obvious that the genes mix with varying degrees of success, so we decided to have a little contest to see which man from Strangetown, Pleasantview and Veronaville could give birth to the most and least attractive alien hybrid (we’re not competing ourselves of course – everybody’s seen our children).

We took all the adult males from these neighbourhoods and placed them in a house each in this empty one.

Pascal: And let me tell you, that wasn’t easy. General Buzz really wasn’t keen on the idea of fathering alien children…

Vidcund: To overcome issues like that – and to allow the participants to summon aliens more easily, all their aspirations were temporarily switched to Knowledge.

ohn Burb makes use of his new aspiration and summons the aliens, ready for pollination

They were then instructed to summon the aliens (who we had already notified about the experiment) via a telescope and wait to be abducted.

Poor General Grunt did NOT sign up for this

After the abduction they were given a dose of a boolprop serum to increase the speed of the pregnancy, inducing labour within a few hours (once they’d recovered from the shock of course…)

Antonio Monty was understandably a little shaken up after his first abduction

Pascal: Each participant gave birth to three children, which were then aged by another piece of boolprop technology. One child from each three was entered to compete for the most attractive, and one for the least.

Lazlo: The best looking alien hybrid gets their photo on the cover of Sim Scientist magazine – and the ugliest bags themselves a brand new Dr Vu cosmetic surgery machine! So remember to find out who wins when we announce the first set of results in the next issue

To understand this joke you might want to read this post by AldoHyde  😉


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2 thoughts on “Sims 2 Alien Baby Contest: Introduction”

  1. Hahaha xD An entertaining introduction to a “harmless” experiment, or reality show :p

    Hopefully we’ll see a wide range of in-game possibilities, with memorable candidates for both prizes. Bring it on 😉


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