Sims 2 Alien Baby Contest: Round 1 – Most Ugly

Vidcund: Greetings readers, and thank you for joining us again for the first round of results. Today we’ll be awarding the prize for the ugliest alien-Sim hybrid.

Who will win the prize for the ugliest alien hybrid?

Bookies’ favourites for this one include Loki Beaker, Nervous Subject and the Capps, all of whom have a history of producing offspring that aren’t conventionally attractive. But who was victorious?

Lazlo: We should note that these results reflect our personal opinions only – so please don’t be upset if you disagree with our decisions. Beauty is subjective, after all 😉

Pascal: For this category, the nominees from each participant are as follows:

Lazlo: And the winner is… Loki Beaker and his son Albert!

Vidcund: Yes, it’s no surprise here that Loki Beaker and son get the prize for ugliest alien offspring. Those Beaker genes are notorious for a reason…

Winners Loki and Albert Beaker, with their brand new cosmetic surgery machine

Pascal: Congratulations Loki and Albert, who walk away with a brand new Dr Vu cosmetic surgery machine – maybe they’ll let some of the other contestants borrow it before they leave.

Thank you for reading, and join us next time to find out who gets the coveted title of best looking alien hybrid!

* Two names are given here because two of Don Lothario’s children ended up with identical faces.


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4 thoughts on “Sims 2 Alien Baby Contest: Round 1 – Most Ugly”

  1. Hahaha… it’s fun seeing the names of alien hybrids being repeated from the canon (and PVCS vs STM 2035) children / possible romantic interests of the original sim 😛

    So these alien hybrids are also “alternate universe versions” of the “original characters with these names”. Nice parody 😉


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