A Garden of Roses (AGOR – Sims 2 Plantsim story by Vpetmad)

Welcome to the Rose Garden! I apologise if the inhabitants seem a little startled, but I’m afraid you’re the first flesh-being we’ve seen here in quite some time. But never mind, pull up a chair in the council circle and I’ll tell you the tale of this floral family. This story is very dear to my heart, as it has inspired friendship, newfound confidence and the blog you are currently reading.

A Garden of Roses is a story created with The Sims 2, following the lives of the Rose family, a colony of PlantSims. The family have lived for generations in a sleepy little forest, untroubled by the outside world. But along comes Larch, a wayward young sprout who is set upon rebelling against every rule and taboo held by PlantSim society. Can he foresee the true consequences his actions will have and, more importantly, will this garden of Roses manage to bloom despite them?

As a fan of AGoR, StrangeTown Monty creator AldoHyde has also created his own parody of the series – view it here for some laughs…

A Garden of Roses Chapters

  1. The Spring Council
  2. Overheard Words
  3. A Little Mistake
  4. By the Lake
  5. Something Much Worse
  6. A Midnight Arrival
  7. Back to Normal?
  8. Bad Omens
  9. Consequences
  10. Willow Explains it All
  11. The War of the Roses – part I
  12. The War of the Roses – part II
  13. A Garden of Roses
  14. Epilogue – The Summer Council


The following prequels are a brief insight into the lives of the three ‘attackers’ of the AGoR series. Sometimes what seems evil is not so simple…

  1. Rufus Lowell: Werewolf of Sim State
  2. XXV 1279: The Making of an Alien
  3. Armand Rousseau: Coming Soon


Below is a list of PlantSim terms that may need clarifying. If there is anything else you need explaining then please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Sprout – a diminutive term for a young man, or a fan (male or female) of the AGoR series
  • Nurturer – one in charge of raising children, caring for the sick and/or elderly and providing any other emotional support the family may require
  • Flesh-being – the PlantSim term for a normal, human Sim
  • Spawning – the production of a PlantSim toddler by the spreading of spores from the head of the parent

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