The Gallery

Welcome to the gallery, where I display my fine, and not so fine, works of art (Why are you whispering? It’s not that kind of art gallery). Some of these may be related my other worlds, others may not be. We may even find that some will grow to form a world of their own…

 Chibi hug (1/4/17)

I was particularly proud of this little drawing, so I thought I’d put it up here. The two characters are me and my beloved boyfriend, as this was made as a six month anniversary card 🙂

Chibi hug

(Drawn with the help of this youtube video:

‘Wolf Riders’ Concept Art (1/4/16)

Meet Noota (right) and Tria (left) Hart, the two protagonists from an as yet unwritten story of mine, ‘Wolf Riders’. Ex-soldier Tria and scientist Noota are spouses living in a secret military compound, which hides all manner of secret projects…

Tria and Noota Hart Wolf Riders drawing.png

One day I might get my behind in gear and actually write this story down, but until then, just enjoy the picture 😛

Hyde Invasion (8/3/16)

Anyone familiar with StrangeTown Monty might recognise the members of this Simlish metal band…

hyde invasion coloured

Thanks to AldoHyde for permission to use his characters 😉


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